How Plumbers Install and Repair Hot Water Heaters

How Plumbers Install and Repair Hot Water Heaters
A water heater can sometimes experience trouble after years of working efficiently. When this happens, you may be tempted to repair it on your own to save some money. However, most homeowners attempt to repair their water heater without understanding which can result in even more serious damage to the system. The water heater is a delicate system and you need a professional plumber who can know how to handle it meticulously to perform the repair.

When you call a plumber, he will first come over to your house to perform an evaluation on the damaged water heater that needs repair. He will discuss about the cost of the repairs that need to be done. At this point, you can also ask the plumber about the cost of installing a new system so that you can compare it to the cost of repair.

Water temperature too hot is one of the most common water heater problems. Normally, this can be solved by adjusting the temperature. If it is caused by a faulty thermostat, you will have to get a plumber to install a new thermostat and heating element. Rusty colored water means your water heater is corroding and the solution is to have a plumber install a new anode rod.

Certain types of water heater damage such as leaking in the storage tank are irreparable so you will need to replace the entire unit. You don’t have to wait until the water heater is not dispensing any hot water to get it replaced. In fact, the water heater should be replaced when you see signs that it is near the end of the lifespan. Some of the signs that your water heater is old are water isn’t hot, metal taste in water, cloudy water, corrosion, rotten egg smell, power issues, thermostat problems, and banging sound in the tank.

Hot water tank that is more than 15 years old should be replaced as it is already at the end of its lifespan. It is better to replace your old heater with a new one on certain circumstances, for example, frequent repairs and repair cost is 50% more than the replacement cost. If you see an increase in energy bills, it means you need to install a higher efficiency water heater.

Installing a new water heater on your own can be risky if you are not experienced. The unit must be the exact size – not too small otherwise it cannot produce sufficient water – not too large otherwise it will consume more energy and increase your utility bills significantly. If you get a plumber, he will help you perform calculations on the flow rate and temperature to ensure that the new water heater system is installed properly.

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